a la carte


Chicken Soup (GF) 6.5

Our famous chicken soup, using our Grandmother’s recipe

8 x Chicken Wings 6.5

With homemade sauce: honey mustard, BBQ, spicy mayo

Cheeseboard - a selection from Androuet 11

Mont d’Or/Tomme de brebis/Brie de Maux/Bleu du Val daillons

Veggie board 5.5

Served with our Green sauce and turmeric yoghurt

 Free-range chicken

Whole 22 . Half 12 . Quarter 8.

Homemade sauces

all 1

Garlic mayo/ Tarragon mustard/ Cocotte Gravy/ Classic Mayo/ Spicy/ Green sauce/ Truffle mayo/ BBQ


Salad of the day 5.5/11

Cocotte Caesar Salad 5.5/11

Romaine lettuce, croutons, parmesan cheese, Caesar dressing

Nathalie 5.5/11

Kale, roasted pepper, pumpkin and sunflower seeds, sesame, walnut & tahini dressing

Raymonde 5.5/11

Quinoa, bulgar, yellow pepper, cherry tomatoes, radish, peas, dried grapes, miso dressing

Fernande 5.5/11

Barley, pomegranate, feta, mesclun salad, spring onions, cashew nuts, tarragon dressing

Bernadette 5.5/11

Lentils, mache salad, wild rice, chives, sweet potatoes, balsamic and mustard dressing

Lili’s 5.5/11

Broccoli, mangetout, green beans, mushrooms, basil dressing

Detox salad 5.5/11

Snow peas, spinach, roasted broccoli, sunflower seeds, rosemary

Green salad 4.5/9

Baby romaine, roasted walnuts, wholegrain mustard dressing

pimp my salad

  • + diced roasted chicken 3

  • + quinoa/feta/avocado/parmesan/baby tomatoes 2

  • + croutons/seeds/spring onions 1



Roasted root veg 4.5

Baby potatoes 4.5

Fries 4.5

Truffled mash 5

Truffle mac’n’cheese 5

Cocotte ratatouille 4.5

Chorizo rice 5

Mash potatoes 4.5