Cocotte’s Spritz Bar

Cocotte’s Spritz Bar

The sun’s out, which means that it’s time to add some bubbles to our drinks and luckily for you, at Cocotte, we like to spritz things around.

Not only have we launched our very own Spritz menu but we’re also going to share a few recipes with you.

Let’s start with our signature cocktail – the one and only Cocotte Spritz:

  • After pouring 50ml of Belsazar Rosé into your glass,
  • top half the glass up with some tonic water
  • and the rest with sparkling wine.
  • And add a slice a grapefruit to make it extra pink!

We highly recommend that you try this one with a couple of our salads, like the Fernande or the Raymonde as it’s a match made in heaven.

Our neighbourhood, Notting Hill, is incredibly exotic and that’s why we also offer the Havana Spritz:

  • Start by pouring 50ml of Antartica rum
  • Add some fresh mint
  • As well as a slice of lemon and a slice of lime
  • Top up the glass with some tonic water
  • Finish by adding 2 drops of Angostura

This drink is great with some roast chicken with spicy sauce and a side of mac and cheese. Hungry yet?

At Cocotte we also like to keep things classy by sipping on an Americano Spritz:

  • Add 25ml of Belsazar Red
  • And 25ml of Mondino Amaro
  • Top it up with some soda water
  • Add a slice of orange with some fresh rosemary

A slice of chocolate and hazelnut cake sounds just right with this one – doesn’t it?

If you’re still not hungry don’t pretend this didn’t at least make you thirsty…


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