Cocotte’s new daily salads

Cocotte’s new daily salads

Cocotte is a neighbourhood restaurant, which means that we take great pride in welcoming regular customers – but don’t get us wrong, we love seeing new faces too!

Since July, we’ve been working on creating brand new daily salads for both our regulars and newbies. All of our ingredients are fresh, farm-grown, seasonal and selected with care – just for you.

Our special daily salad menu will change seasonally, for you to keep up with the trend.

Come try one out – and hopefully you’ll love it so much that you’ll want to come taste the others too!


Josette £6/£11


This refreshing and colourful salad is made of watermelon, cucumber, red onions, mint, olive oil, lime and avocado


Detox £6/£11

Check out our new detox plan: grilled broccoli with peas, baby tomatoes, sunflower seeds and spinach, topped with infused honey with rosemary and lemon


Lucienne £6/£11

The Mediterranean coast in just one plate, thanks to these grilled Romanesco artichokes served with baby tomatoes from Sicily, capers, olive oil and fresh thyme


Blandine £6/£11

This one is all about fruits! We have mixed cooked and raw fennel with fresh oranges and pomegranate topped with an orange juice, lemon and olive oil dressing


Ginette £6/£11

Roasted sweet potatoes, grilled aubergines, baby lettuce, olives and pesto


Bon appétit!

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